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My application centers around an event and specifically the event's ID. Whenever a user navigates to different sections (controllers) of the site, I need to be able to carry the event's ID with it.

I'm guessing including the event's ID in the URL is the preferred method in case a user opens multiple browser windows.

I don't want to manually append the event's ID to every link. Is there a helper method I could create to do this for me?


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You need to create a nested resource in your routes file, this will add something like "/event/#eventid" to the beginning of your path. You can then access this from your controllers with params[:event_id]



resources :events do
  # Other controllers routes go here


def index
  @whatever = Event.find(params[:event_id]).whatever.all


Obviously it would be best to use a before filter, but you get the idea.

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You should store that in session data:

session[:event_id] = event_id

You will then be able to access that throughout the user's session.


You may want to have a look at nested resources.

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Since a user can manage multiple events, I'm afraid they'll try to open up 2 tabs within the browser to edit 2 different events. If I use a session variable then that will mess up the data integrity between the 2 tabs. – Mike Mar 5 '11 at 2:49

I recommend to use thomasfedb's solution. If it isn't possible for any reason you could do it by overwriting the url_for method like in this question

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