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I am trying to build a helper to create a simple single level menu. Upon calling the menu helper I would like to use object literal notation so that I can define the menu items in the view.

public class ActionsMenuHelper

    public static string ActionsMenu(IList<ActionsMenuItem> menuItems)
        string result = "";

        return result;


I am just not sure on the syntax to call the menu. I have tried something like.

@ActionsMenuHelper.ActionsMenu(List<ActionsMenuItem>{ new {Name = "Foo"},
                                                   new {Name = "Bar"}

I'm obviously lost on how to do this.

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You're quite close. Try this:

@ActionsMenuHelper.ActionsMenu(new List<ActionsMenuItem> { new ActionsMenuItem { Name = "Foo" }, new ActionsMenuItem { Name = "Bar" }});

Can get a little messy if you have more than a couple items, though. I'd define the list ahead of time for readability:

    var menuItems = new List<ActionsMenuItem> {
        new ActionsMenuItem { Name = "Foo" },
        new ActionsMenuItem { Name = "Bar" },
        new ActionsMenuItem { Name = "Etc" }


More information can be found here.

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works like a charm... thanks –  JBeckton Mar 5 '11 at 17:33

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