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I have a MyViewController that has a UINavigationController as a subview and the UINavigatioController has a CustomView popped on the stack. What I want to do is in the CustomView is to call a method in MyViewController.. so I tried this:

UINavigationController *main = (UINavigationController*)[self parentViewController];    
MyViewController *parentContainer = (MyViewController*)[main parentViewController];
[parentContainer myParentMethod];

this code is not correct.

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I found this thread and it works great! stackoverflow.com/questions/3370666/… –  magic-c0d3r Mar 5 '11 at 4:06

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The parentViewController property only works for the navigation controller, the tab bar controller, or in a modal presentation relationship. Although a MyViewController object has the view of a UINavigationController object as a subview, it doesn't mean that MyViewController is the parentViewController of the UINavigationController object.

If you have to keep this design and need to access the MyViewController object from a CustomView object, the best way of doing it is to let the CustomView object have a weak reference to the MyViewController object (like delegate properties).

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