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Could any one recommend some good UML/modeling tools for Ruby and Ruby on Rails? Edit: would be nice to generate code from UML diagrams as well as generate diagrams from existing code.

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UML? Real programmers use toggle switches. :-) I'm thinking, "wow, programming really has come a long way." – the Tin Man Nov 19 '10 at 0:29
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Check this page for a UML for Ruby tools (i.e. tools that generate some Ruby code from UML diagrams or, the other way round, that generate some UML diagrams from Ruby code)

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Do you meant to ask for a tool which transforms UML into ruby code?

I dont think there is any at the moment. But its a very good application idea :)

I have found the ruby-uml

Generates uml diagrams by tracing the run of an application for analysation of an existing application and to provide support for refactorisations.

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Visual Paradigm is a Mac application and will do this for you.

Somewhat OT, but the best UML tool I've found is called Enterprise Architect -- it's a Windows application, and it costs around $130 for a basic license. It doesn't do Ruby, but it does do Java, C++ and a host of other languages, including full database to SQL, both generation and reverse engineering. It's worth a look.

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The original railroad gem only works for Rails v2 and prior. If you're using Rails 3, use the RailRoady gem instead. (Also see the README on github.)

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What do you mean by "for Ruby"? UML is language-agnostic.

Based on your comment - UML is a generic, language-independent model. It's designed (from my understanding) to be used before an implementation language is chosen, so not all of the UML elements have corresponding elements in all languages (eg - interfaces in Ruby). However, that doesn't mean that you can't make UML models and implement the system they describe in Ruby.

I recommend StarUML for all UML needs.

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Ruby does not have interfaces but does have mixin.. im not sure any UML tools support that. Also it would be nice to generate diagrams from the code, so it needs to work with ruby code and many tools are not language-agnostic. – Jimmy Sep 9 '08 at 14:36
@Jimmy - UML handles mixins as multiple inheritance (as done in C++). UML is not class/interface specific. – luis.espinal Apr 5 '11 at 15:40

Railroad generates UML class diagrams for Rails applications, including Models and Controllers, you might want to take a look at

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I know I'm catching on this message a little late, however I think I've got a few things to add here.

Uml (class diagrams) doesn't work well with dynamically typed languages. I'm not talking about specific cases like language-specific constructs, but about something more fundamental.

In ruby, variables don't have any type. In UML, we create associations between types.

Ruby uses duck-typing. Duck-typing can easily be mapped to classes implementing a certain interface. However, since all classes are self contained and entirely decoupled from each other, I like to see each ruby class as a component.

I created a rubygem tool that you might check out. It was a bit challenging to do, and it doesn't work very well yet, however it allows to extract Ruby code (not Rails, Rails models are typed, since they are mapped to databases. They even have cardinalities for associations) and to generate a uml diagrams from it.

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I think you might get some mileage from all you would need to do is output some text.

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I personally use Enterprise Architect for C++, C# and JAVA. It's probably the best UML tool out there.

If I understand the requester correctly, he is looking for a UML round-trip tool for Ruby (and probably Ruby on Rails). I'm looking for just that myself. By round-trip I mean able to forward and reverse engineer Ruby on Rails so I can define my classes (controllers, views and models) in UML, forward engineer them, play in the code, and then reverse engineer it back into UML (sync the model to the code). Ideally, the tool could use the XMI standard (UML XML).

Anyone have any ideas on this?

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This is not really an answer. You should post your question as a new question and can reference this post if you want. Not many people will see your question on this old post. – Miguel-F Jan 3 '13 at 17:06

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