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When developing for Android in Eclipse, for example, it's easy to automatically import packages and classes by hitting Ctrl+Shift+O. I'm finding it difficult to write code every time I have to go google a function to figure out its namespace ... is there an easier way?

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There is Ctrl + Shift + F10 or Ctrl+ shortcut, that provides some light refactorings like creating method stubs, renames methods and variables and imports usings. This shortcut is not always available - it can be used when a small red box underneath, after you click it you'll see the drop-down menu with a choice of possible actions

enter image description here

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Ah yes, this wasn't the case when I first posted this question. I did not have references to the libraries that were being used, so it gave me no options except an error. Now that I've added references, I get these cues. – Brian D Mar 5 '11 at 6:07
does not work on MS VS 2010 while programimg WP7. – pharaoh Aug 28 '12 at 12:44
@pharaoh much depends on the sortcuts settings in your environment/ – Evgeny Gavrin Aug 29 '12 at 10:09

Once you've added a dll as a reference, VS will suggest this as part of its intellisense feature. Type in the name, and then hover over it - there will be a blue (maybe it is red?) underline - and VS will give you an arrow to click that lets you add the namespace.

If it is a namespace you find yourself adding frequently, you can add it to your config so that you're not doing it in files across your project.

(I do have Resharper installed so I can't check this, but I'm pretty sure VS has this natively...)

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