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In my pom.xml I have:


This has worked fine until recently. Now when I build I receive the following message:

"password is required for the perforce scm plugin."

The maven documentation for the plugin does not specify a way to include a password (

What is going on? How to I get past this problem?

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It turns out that the error message did not match the problem. The 'password' needed message appears to be a catch-all message when something goes wrong. We found the error was a result of a invalid dependency that was introduced. This was fixed and the prompt for the password disappeared.

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You could be using a version of the plugin which has this bug (SCM-415). This SO question has a related problem.

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Its the same version we have been using for weeks. I am not sure why it is complaining now. We did refactor the pom's recently, so I am wondering if we need to add or remove some information to get this to work again. I tried adding login info for the maven scm plugin, but that did not resolve the problem. – TERACytE Mar 6 '11 at 1:16

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