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Here is the query which needs to be altered. I have attached the output of the screen. Here i need only the results where maxBuy is less than or equal to totalDealsBought. How should i change in this query for the O/P.

EDIT : ONE more small alter to be done in this query. That is i need to display the result in following format:

1. Where totalDealsBought should be less than maxBuy should display FIRST.

How can this be done?

SELECT d.id, d.dealTitle, d.expiryDate, d.dealMainImage, d.actualPrice, d.discount, d.offerValue, d.maxBuy, sum( sc.quantity ) AS totalDealsBought
    FROM deal AS d
    LEFT JOIN shoppingcart AS sc ON sc.dealID = d.id
    WHERE CURDATE( ) != d.startDate
    AND d.startDate < CURDATE( )
    AND d.status = 'Active'
    AND d.cities = 'chennai'
    AND sc.paymentStatus = 'paid'
    GROUP BY d.id

enter image description here

Thanks in advance.

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Have you tried with

HAVING d.maxBuy <= sum(sc.quantity)
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Good, but he's already aliased SUM(sc.quantity) to totalDealsBought. –  Explosion Pills Mar 5 '11 at 7:03

Add the following line HAVING maxBuy <= totalDealsBought to the end of the query.

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