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How to make support for both App World and the application being embedded? What is the difference between OTA and App World?

If I will build applications for the web and will put a link to the Internet (eg via apache) It will be OTA ?

How much is the official service OTA or App World?

Please give references for which I can read this issue.

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OTA means "Over The Air". There are several ways of getting the app code installed on a BB device. One way is via USB cable + BB DesktopManager app, for instance. When you are talking about OTA and App World as if they are different things - this is not correct. The fact is to get an app from the App World you'll have to use OTA implicitly (you'll start the BB browser, it will make a remote request to RIM server, etc. - this means OTA is used).

I believe there is no difference on how AppWorld and your custom server would do this.

RIM provides a video tutorial on this: BlackBerry® Smartphone Over The Air Download By User

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