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I have drawn a XY chart using jfree. Now i want to add zoom functionality to it. This must be done using a slider at the bottom of the chart. How can i add zoom functionality, the likes of which is present in Windows Photo Viewer?

Also, i would like to show the current Y-value of the graph as a tooltip when the user hovers his mouse over the plotted line. I am not getting much ideas. Please help. Thanks in advance

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XYPlot et al. implement the Zoomable interface, which allows ChartPanel to control zooming. I'd think you could use these methods in your slider's ChangeListener.

I would like to show the current Y-value of the graph as a tooltip…

You can enable tool tips, as shown in this example.

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@sunandan: I've elaborated above. – trashgod Mar 8 '11 at 8:39

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