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I'm new to android. Please tell me how to navigate to a new page in android. Thanks in advance.

Edit:How to start a new activity from an existing activity

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In android to navigate to another page means you have to start another activity. for starting a new activity use this

Intent intent = new Intent(currentActivity.this, nextActivity.class);

You should mention the next activity in the AndroidManifest file.

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thanks for the answer.. you mentioned it simply –  tvm_pgmr Mar 5 '11 at 9:28
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To change your page (i think you're refering to "Activities" in android you need to issue a so called "intent").

You cann do that by:

startActivity(new Intent(nextactivity,NextActivity.class));


startActivityForResult(new Intent(nextactivity,NextActivity.class),1);

if you want the new Activity to return any result to the activity who started the new one.

But what i recommend is, that you read this documentation here:


and come back to this question if you have need additional assistance on concrete problems on that topics.

i hope that helps.

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