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I want to write reminder. What i need to use? Make service app or just standart app runing in background or another way?

Thanks for replys!

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what i really liked about this question is you asked about the idea for the app that u want to implement. you didn't ask for code.

i would suggest the u should make an app which should have a broadcast reciever. but still it should have service that runs in background.

service will check the current time wih your remindertime

and broadcast reciever is required to listen to startup broadcast. bcoz u need to start your app as soon as your handset starts..

have a look at this....


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Thanks! I have good experience with android development and all needed tutorials exists in android developter site. I just want to know best way of reminder app! – RomaTTi Mar 5 '11 at 9:59
hmm nice i have also added one link to that have a look at it. it is also for reminder.... – N-JOY Mar 5 '11 at 11:01

Have a look at the AlarmManager. It allows you to schedule your application to be run at some point in the future.

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