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How to start one activity from another View (another activity View)

For example,

public class CorrectSmoothGloflo extends Activity {
  setContentView(new Panel(this));

public class Panel extends View {

   //This view class contains some drawable operation
   // Here i want to start another Activity like this

   Intent i=new Intent(CorrectSmoothGloflo.this,Screen.class);

I cant do this operation. Because this is the View, that will not work, because View does not have startActivity(). How to implement this? please give some guidelines.

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Obtain a Context object and use its startActivity() method:

Context context = getContext();
Intent i = new Intent(context, Screen.class);
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Setup an event handler to your "another activity View", and put the activity calling statements in it.

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Intent i=new Intent(CorrectSmoothGloflo.this,Screen.class); 

as you want to start another activity so u need to pass current context and not the previous like i your example your are mentioned correctsmoothgloflo but it is panel.class

check this is help for u or not...

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my PAnel class is non activity class. thats y problem to call another activity. In this situvation what can i do? – ios developer Mar 5 '11 at 10:29

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