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A friend of mine is a member of a small scuba club and she needs to manage their equipment, note when things are broken, need servicing, etc.

I'm looking for a simple, extensible web-based inventory management system. Most of the solutions I've looked at are quite complex.

Any ideas?

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It'd be pretty easy to make a simple system with PHP and Mysql, there are tons of tutorials about it. You can write a simple Table/Inventory webpage system over the weekend pretty easily, im sure there are tons of sample code floating around.

Basically just decide how you want the inventory laid out (Price,Quantity,Name,etc....) have a little login form maybe? and another search form.....and just retrieve the MySQL tables?

it's pretty easy, MySQL actually has some tutorials on their website for this stuff aswell.

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What about securing it? –  Lord Kinboat Mar 5 '11 at 23:05
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I'm associated with a SaaS (web based) product that's focused on bringing simplicity and insight into inventory management (also known as office asset management software). The focus on simplicity can be inferred from its name ie


EZOfficeInventory was also featured on techcrunch and if you're not up and running in 5 minutes, do let us know! Some of the main features include:

  • Custom attributes
  • Service tracking
  • History of checkouts and checking
  • Audits
  • QRCode support
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I have a simple inventory solution for small business. This might help.

Simple Inventory Pro is a multiple-file Windows application which can generate a selling price list base on the buying price and the markup percentage for hundreds or thousands of items, track the items that needs reorder base on the actual stocks on hand and the number of orders, and calculate the gross profit per inventory. The entered items list can be edited anytime and the current item details will appear in the next inventory dates.


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Have a look at www.SalesBinder.com. It's a web-based (cloud) inventory management system that recently launched and its totally free if you don't need a lot of space.

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(Shameless plug here). Take a look at Ordoro. http://www.ordoro.com. It's a 100% web-based order and inventory management system. It's designed for small and medium businesses. You can track inventory for unique SKUs. When you fill an order, the inventory level will automatically reduce for the products in that order. If you receive new stock from your supplier, then the quantities will automatically increase. Ordoro also has good purchasing and order fulfillment modules, all well integrated to the inventory management feature.

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