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I am working on a project for a client where they want to allow the visitors to the site sign-up using their FaceBook account.

I have used the FaceBook connect API for handling this. I have a top-menu item user-control that is in a masterpage. The FaceBook connect log-in control is appearing fine in IE8 and Chrome. However, it is not appearing in FireFox at all.

You can see this in action/or not depending on your browser at

Some MasterPage FB Code:

<html xmlns="" xmlns:fb="">

End of the MasterPage:

 <script type="text/jscript" src="">
    <script type="text/jscript">
        FB.init({ appId: '<% = Evolution.Utils.AppSettings.GetAppSetting("FacebookApiKey") %>', status: true, cookie: true, xfbml: true });
        FB.Event.subscribe('auth.sessionChange', function (response) {
            if (response.session) {
            } else {


 <fb:login-button perms="publish_stream,email,user_birthday" onlogin="window.location.reload()"
            autologoutlink="true" width="200"></fb:login-button>

Has anyone come across this or have any suggestions on how I can fix this?

Thanks in advance.

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The FaceBook code above was fine.

It turned out that there was a problem where a developer tried to convert a 64bit integer to 32bit int elsewhere in the code.

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