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I am working on a chat application for android. This chat application is for sending messages from one device to another using internet(GPRS,3G,etc) from this application. please tell me a way to implement this.

I thought using web services is more data(internet) consuming and less this right?

I worked on server and client sockets. I ran both server and client classes in single device and messages can be transfered from client socket to server socket and vice versa.Now i want to message between two devices using server socket on web server and how to connect to server from Android Devices. please help me thank you very much.

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This helps you to solve Push Notification in Android Chat applications. You may also build your own push notification server backed by the Really Small Message Broker(a small program that sends and receives data in the form of messages to and from applications and devices over TCP/IP network connections.)

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Yadav Ji, Is there are any perfect example to implement push notification(server side and client side also) –  Dwivedi Ji Apr 4 '12 at 10:19
@AshishDwivedi, its the fact, that, lack of native Push on Android seems like a huge drawback. thanks to Apple, BlackBerry. Persistent TCP/IP is probably the best way to go until Google actually takes the matter in their own hands. After all, that’s how GMail, GTalk and Google Voice implement their real-time updates. After googling a lot i found above links, that show perfect way to implement push notification. @thanks to Anton & IBM. –  Rupesh Yadav Apr 5 '12 at 5:48
@Yadav Ji: Link is dead –  sampopes Apr 28 at 14:06
Google Cloud Messaging for Android will help you out for push notification. push-notifications-using google GCM is one of the best example to start with GCM. –  Rupesh Yadav Apr 29 at 10:24

You can use the Xtify push notification service to implement the chat feature. It is much easier to use with their provided sample code and all.

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You should try this...quickblox will be easier enough to implement server based applications. As in your case you needs interaction with the server to built a chatting application in Android.

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