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I have a class which has a property of type System.IO.FileAttribute (enum)

Upon serializing with protobuf-net I get the error:

No wire-value is mapped to the enum System.IO.FileAttributes.Hidden, System, Archive

How would I go about mapping system enum's to a Contract with Members?

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That is a [Flags] enum, which doesn't really have a direct map in protobuf (as defined by google). I would simply re-expose as int:

public FileAttributes Attributes {get;set;}

[ProtoMember(12)] // whavever
private int AttributesSerialized {
    get { return (int)Attributes; }
    set { Attributes = (FileAttributes)value; }

Additionally, IIRC, I have already coded v2 to operate this way on [Flags] automatically, and to optionally allow pass-thru of enums (to treat as the underlying value automatically).

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thanks, I'll take a look at v2 or revert to the approach you describe. –  Jafin Mar 6 '11 at 0:10

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