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I have some ruby code that depends on a java library, but I want the ruby code to fail gracefully if a particular java class isn't available.

So I would like one of my unit tests to simulate that situation in order to assert "graceful failure". But I only want it removed for the duration of that test, as other tests will depend on it.

So is it possible to undefine say, using JRuby?

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I don't think so. AFAIK the Java compiler has access to any class as long as it has the fully qualified name of a package and a class (eg: – NullUserException Mar 5 '11 at 16:47

You could look into creating a custom ClassLoader and overriding the appropriate methods to throw a ClassNotFoundException if is being loaded. Specifically, take a look at overriding all the find.. and load... methods.

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Class names- Java or otherwise are constants in JRuby. Kernel.remove_const and Object.remove_const are both private methods. There's probably a better way of achieving what you want than undefining classes...

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