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I have table employees with columns eno, ename, job, sal, comm and the query like

INSERT a new employee
eno as 7787,
ename as 'abc',
job  as 'salesman'
sal as 2000,
comm as tax amount

this tax is the function like

( p_sal employees.sal%type
v_tax employees.sal%type;
v_tax:= CASE
        WHEN SAL> 4000 THEN SAL * 0.33
        WHEN SAL >2500 THEN SAL *0.25
        WHEN SAL >1500 THEN SAL * 0.20
        ELSE 0
RETURN v_tax
END tax;

At the INSERT statement I can't use function tax for the column comm. Is there any other method to do this, or how can this be best achieved?

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When you say

I can't use function tax for the column comm

do you mean you're not allowed to use this function, or you can't figure out how to use it?

Assuming the latter, I don't see why you shouldn't be able to use a function in an INSERT statement. You have, however, got the syntax of the INSERT statement completely wrong.


INSERT INTO employee (eno, ename, job, sal, comm)
  VALUES (7787, 'abc', 'salesman', 2000, tax(2000));

I don't know where amount in your INSERT statement comes from, but given that your function takes a parameter called p_sal, I'm guessing it's applied to the value in the column sal.

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