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Our development is mostly on windows, VCS is ClearCase. We also use quite lot of scripts (perl, bash) on Linux to do code quality checks, regression tests etc. For example a script takes stream name, creates a dynamic view, generate a CPD report for the newly added files. Another one submits specific tests to a sun grid engine(SGE)

Currently user should login to a linux machine with a specific account, then edit some configuration files and run the scripts. User sometimes makes unwanted edits and creates trouble.

We could probably improve the flow by using rsh.

I guess exposing the whole thing via web service may better. The user could then use a java program(web service client) to invoke the taks.

   java com.check.MyQualityChecks -stream blah -generate-cpd

Is there any thing that could help to me wrap existing scripts via a web-service?

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There isn't a direct cleartool encapsulation through web service.
The closest existing service is for CCRC (ClearCase Remote client), with its Java CM API, which you could use if Linux machine was a CCRC server.

I would recommend developing your own web service, which would then call the script, but beware of the primary group and owner executing that script through the web service: the account needs to be in the right group (one of the groups of the Vob) and with the right umask (in order to create correctly protected views).

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Thanks. I see a note saying CCRC does not support dynamic view. Using dynamic view is kind of necessary in our setup. –  Jayan Mar 5 '11 at 17:41
@Jayan: sure, CCRC is not adapted in your case. That is why encapsulating your script on the server side is much better. –  VonC Mar 5 '11 at 17:44
Thank you.. Reached here search.cpan.org/~moconnor/REST-Application-0.992/lib/REST/… –  Jayan Mar 5 '11 at 17:57

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