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I'm using JavaScript RegEx to filter input (white list only acceptable chars). As .match() returns an array, the best way I found to 'glue' back together the string is as follows, which seems ugly, as then I have to remove the comma.


Is there a better RegEx approach in JS, or a better way to handle the array (e.g. like .join in Ruby)?

Thanks Brian

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There is a join in JavaScript as well. For instance:


The "" is the separator between each element of the array, so [1, 2, 3].join("") gives "123". However, you could also simply replace all characters not in your whitelist:

myString.replace(/[^A-Za-z-_0-9]/g, "")

Which will simply remove any character that isn't alphanumeric, a dash, or an underscore.

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Thanks. I just found the .join method (should have looked deeper first). Your RexEx works great, I forgot about the ^. –  Brian Ledsworth Mar 5 '11 at 17:52

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