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I'm using the next namespace (http://schemas.microsoft.com/expression/2010/drawing).
I've two controls for the collout which use the same styles. i want to write some reusable style for those two controls, but no success...

Any suggestions?

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You can reuse styles, whether it's for callouts or any other control, by making them resources and referencing them later. For example:

        <Style x:Key="MyCalloutStyle" TargetType="ed:Callout">
            <Setter Property="Fill" Value="Orange" />

    <Grid x:Name="LayoutRoot">
        <ed:Callout Style="{StaticResource MyCalloutStyle}" />
        <ed:Callout Style="{StaticResource MyCalloutStyle}" />
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Thanks, did help –  Igal Mar 6 '11 at 20:47

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