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I'm using the "toggle" function in my code to show / hide a div. I want it to be hidden by default though. How should I do this.

Here's the line of code:

<%= link_to_function "+ Add a comment", "$('comment-form').toggle()" %>


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in your css:

.hidden { display: none;}

And give your div the hidden class

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This can also be done UJS by having

<script type="text/javascript">

Somewhere on the page. This will let you also run many different javascript/jquery calls once the page loads.

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Just expanding a little on the previous 2 answers:

In your template

<div class="commment_form hidden">
<!-- Comment form markup -->
<%= link_to"+ Add a comment", "#", :id => "comment_link" %>

In your css

.hidden { display: none }

In your application.js

$(document(ready) {
  $('#comment_link').click(function() {

I'm going from memory, so my apologies if the code isn't perfect!\

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