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I use the TTCatalog for my Project. I call a Website with this Code:


But Websites with password protected Link's don't work. Other Links works (e.g. www.google.com) works.

It's not a Website with https Protocol, only a http with authorization.

I hope you can help me!

Thanks a lot - best regards from Germany

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Did you try to call NSURLCredentialStorage & friends before calling TTOpenURL? You can set different persistence modes (none, session, permanent = keychain), etc. etc.

NSURLCredential *credential = [NSURLCredential credentialWithUser:@"username" password:@"password" persistence:NSURLCredentialPersistencePermanent];

NSURLProtectionSpace *protectionSpace = [[NSURLProtectionSpace alloc] initWithHost:@"www.MySecureWebsite.me" port:80 protocol:@"http" realm:@"server's realm" authenticationMethod:NSURLAuthenticationMethodHTTPBasic];

[[NSURLCredentialStorage sharedCredentialStorage] setDefaultCredential:credential forProtectionSpace:protectionSpace];

[protectionSpace release];
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Hmm and when i will popup an Alert for Username & Password ? Like Safari ? Whats This: realm:@"server's realm" ? –  user3187598 Mar 5 '11 at 21:24
And how i make this with the TTTableTextItem? There i call the Website so: [TTTableTextItem itemWithText:@"Monday" URL:@"http://www.MySecureWebsite.me" accessoryURL:nil], –  user3187598 Mar 5 '11 at 21:29
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