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So I have refreshed a DIV - but previous stated elements such as Cufon (font replacement) are not active anymore. How do I achieve this?

    // Switch to home.
    $(".switch_home").live('click', function () {

        // Fade content out.
        $("div#content_hldr").fadeOut("fast", function () {

            // Load Home page in.

            // Cufon.replace('h2'); <----

            // Fade in the content.



Commented what should happen, actually. Best scenario, I should be able to reload all previous elements and functions / events.

Is this possible?


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Just apply Cufon (no idea what that is) to newly loaded-in elements within $.load's callback:

$("div#content_hldr").load("content/content.home.php", function() {
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Thanks. Cufon is a font-replacement. Loading custom fonts as a javascript object. – Roel Mar 5 '11 at 22:00

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