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I am very new in Matlab. I made a for loop with i to m ,and j to n. I wrote this code to take a submatrix of a matrix but it keeps giving me this error

Subscript indices must either be real positive integers or logicals. this is the code

for i=1:m,
for j = 1:n,

            edgeil = 2;
    edgeib = 2; 
    edgejb = 2; 
    edgejl = 2;

    if((i-CenteriSE)< 0)
       edgeib = CenteriSE - (-1)*(i-CenteriSE);

    if((i+ CenteriSE)> m)
        temp = i+ CenteriSE - m;
        edgeil = CenteriSE - temp;

    if((j-CenterjSE)< 0)
        edgejb = CenterjSE- (-1)*(j-CenterjSE);

    if((j+ CenterjSE)> n)
        temp2 = j+ CenterjSE - n;
        edgejl = CenterjSE - temp2;

    bok1 = round(edgeib);
    bok2 = round(edgeil);
    bok3 = round(edgejb);
    bok4 = round(edgejl);
    if( (bok1 == round(bok1)) && (bok2 == round(bok2)) && (bok3 == round(bok3)) && (bok4 == round(bok4)))
    B = circles(i-round(bok1):i+round(bok2),j-round(bok3):j+round(bok4));

I wrote that if statement and round s to correct it but it doesnt work. Please help me how can I fix this?

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CenteriSE and CenterjSE are both 2. It doesn't get out of range. –  Ada Mar 5 '11 at 21:33
I also used abs(..) but I don't know why id gives me that error all the time. A little help please? –  Ada Mar 5 '11 at 21:39
Does it say what line? Have you tried circles(round(i-bok1):round(i+bok2), round(j-bok3):round(j+bok4));? (There might be an off-by-one there...) –  rlibby Mar 5 '11 at 22:01
Also see this question for the generic solution to this problem. –  Dennis Jaheruddin Nov 27 '13 at 15:47

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well, it's simple. first let's just remove all the clutter. you say CenteriSE=2, so this statement

edgeib = CenteriSE - (-1)*(i-CenteriSE); is equivalent to edgeib=i for i=1.

Now if you go to your last statement, B = circles(i-round(bok1):i+round(bok2),j-round(bok3):j+round(bok4));, you're doing i-round(bok1), which is just i-i=0 when i=1. Matlab's indexing start from 1, and this is why you get this error.

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yes thank you I realized it after I checked my equation. I don't have a very nice math :) –  Ada Mar 6 '11 at 15:38

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