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I am university student, and i received from school an invitation to apple developer which i created an account and joined the group. I downloaded and installed the "WWDR intermediate certificate" and installed it, also noticed that they added my device in the provisioning profile. From here I am lost, were I am not sure what is the next steps I should do

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  1. Login to the Member Center
  2. Go to the provisioning portal
  3. Create a developer certificate (different from a distribution cert, which you'll need for AppStore release)
  4. Create an App ID (and add a device, if you're doing an ad hoc app)
  5. Create, download, and install a provisioning profile
  6. Plug your iPhone into your Mac
  7. Build your Xcode project for the device (instead of for the simulator)
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In the developer portal you should:

Enter your app and give it a name.

Add the app to a provisioning file.

Download the provisioning file

Drag that file into Xcode.

In the organizer-window in Xcode - add the provisioning file to your phone. This might not be necessary since Xcode can automatically download a team provisioning file.

That was from the top of my head. Try search for a guide or tutorial for it, there's plenty of them :)

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