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I basically want to rewrite any request starting with foo/ to foo/index.php?url=. For example, http://localhost/foo/something should become http://localhost/foo/index.php?url=something.

I currently have this rule:

RewriteRule ^foo/(\w*) foo/index.php?url=$1

This works on my localhost, but not on a free hosting service online. The point is, that it there also rewrites existing files... So my layout has gone, as well as all images etc, because foo/style.css becomes foo/index.php?url=style.css. This isn't happening on my localhost.

I came across this similar question: mod_rewrite: Redirect if anything but a file, but it didn't do anything actually.

So how would I go about rewriting anything except existing files here? Why does it only work on my own localhost?

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If this does not work:

RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f
RewriteRule ^foo/(\w*) foo/index.php?url=$1

try this:

RewriteRule ^foo/(\w*)$ foo/index.php?url=$1

with added $ sign. But this doesn't rewrite URLs with non-word chars like a dot (so foo/style.css wont be rewritten).

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My host now says my disk usage is full whilst it clearly isn't... I guess I'll just move to another host, this just sucks. Your suggestion still works on my localhost, so I'll use that if I happen to find a working free host. Thanks. – pimvdb Mar 6 '11 at 10:18

Maybe if you add the extension to the regex? That is to say requestion the dot not to be present?

RewriteRule ^foo/[^.]+ foo/index.php?url=$1

Or I guess you can add the $ to your own

RewriteRule ^foo/(\w*)$ foo/index.php?url=$1

Cause else it can match files since foo/style matches (you did not require next char to be end of URL)

How is it?

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