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I use window Eclipse CDT gdb to debug a C++ program. When I wrote may own makefile as follows

all: prog1

prog1: prog1.cpp
       g++ -o prog1 prog1.cpp 

It compiled and run successfully. But if I click the debug button, it says no available source main.....


If I copy the same program to a new C++ project in Eclipse with its internal makefile (instead of writing my own makefile), I can use debug mode. But eventually, I have the following errors.

No source available for "__mingw_CRTStartup How should I do?


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Try to change your line

g++ -o porg1 prog1.cpp


g++ -o prog1 prog1.cpp

Probably the name of the output (i.e., the program) is wrong, and therefore Eclipse can't launch it.

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@ Greg. Sorry for my typo. The name in eclipse is right. I have updated the program name. –  Sean Mar 6 '11 at 1:20

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