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I have a model that fetches all the games from a particular city. When I get those games I want to filter them and I would like to use the reject method, but I'm running into an error I'm trying to understand.

# STEP 1 - Model
class Matches < ActiveRecord::Base
  def self.total_losses(cities)
    reject{ |a| cities.include?(a.winner) }.count

# STEP 2 - Controller
@games = Matches.find_matches_by("Toronto")
# GOOD! - Returns ActiveRecord::Relation

# STEP 3 - View
cities = ["Toronto", "NYC"]
# FAIL - undefined method reject for #<Class:0x00000101ee6360>

# STEP 3 - View
cities = ["Toronto", "NYC"]
@games.reject{ |a| cities.include?(a.winner) }.count
# PASSES - it returns a number.

Why does reject fail in my model but not in my view ?

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The difference is the object you are calling reject on. In the view, @games is an array of Active Record objects, so calling @games.reject uses Array#reject. In your model, you're calling reject on self in a class method, meaning it's attempting to call Matches.reject, which doesn't exist. You need to fetch records first, like this:

def self.total_losses(cities)
  all.reject { |a| cities.include(a.winner) }.count
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Thanks for the feedback and I noticed your blog has a good article explaining the use of self. Self in Ruby Good read for anyone else who is interested. One more question -- Just curious if you think this logic makes sense to reside in the Model or should it go somewhere else? –  neuone Mar 6 '11 at 0:02
@neuone - Yes, it makes sense in the model. It'd be more efficient to look up records with conditions rather than fetching all of them and filtering them after the fact, however. –  Jimmy Cuadra Mar 6 '11 at 0:56

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