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So what I want to do is to submit a form using jQuery's AJAX function. And the route I choose to go was to use $('#form').serialize(); and then pass that as a GET request. It works out all dandy and fine and dandy until I add the editor, NicEdit, that I'm going to use on the site.

I've researched the issue and the situation is so that once NicEdit takes over a text-area for example, it hides the text-area to the user and instead has her write into a . This data will then be put back into the text-area triggered by the push of a normal submit button.

Now the issue is: I don't have a normal submit button and hence don't trigger the event that puts the data back in the text-area. And I have tried my best to solve the issue google a solution but everything I've found has been worthless.

Given the fallowing basic setup of my situation: http://jsfiddle.net/MMzhS/1/ - How would you get the data from the NicEdit form to the text-area before alert(); is called?

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var nicE = new nicEditors.findEditor('assignment');
question = nicE.getContent();

'assignment' is your textarea id.

the textarea content is save on question variable, hope this will help

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The following as provided by BinaryKitten from #jQuery does the same but a bit cleaner in my opinion: http://jsfiddle.net/MMzhS/5/

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Hi Klaus, i had the same problem however i used .html() instead of .test() because the .text() function sends only the text and not the HTML formatting information which is needed to store the formatting for the text. Am i doing it right?? –  Registered Alias Feb 20 '12 at 21:51
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  1. Create a nicEdit instance

    MyApp.editor = new nicEditor().panelInstance('texarea_id');

  2. Let the user enter content to their heart's content! (Pun unintended)

  3. Get the content:

    var content = MyApp.editor.instanceById('textarea_id').getContent();

  4. Post the content as usual using content.

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THIS is the correct answer... –  Cabuxa.Mapache Mar 7 at 11:14
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var data = $('#peter div').eq(90).text();

is the data's information. Also, please use $.post instead of $.get for form submissions; be nice to the internet.

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document.getElementById("content").value = "<html><head><title></title><head><body>"+nicEditors.findEditor("this will be your id of your textarea").getContent()+"</body></head></html>";
var templateContent = document.getElementById("content").value;
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