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I'm creating a hash as an options object to pass to a jQuery plugin. One of the keys I need to use, as defined by the plugin, is next.

This works fine in Safari (so I assume Webkit in general) but in Firefox its removed, or ignored or something... its just not there. For example:

var opts = {
  "next": "some selector string",
  "prev": "some other selector string",
  "anotherOption": 1



anotherOption      1
prev               "some other selector string"

It's driving me crazy. What's more, there are tons of plugins and things that use this key name in some sort of options hash and I have never noticed this behavior before. Can anyone tell me what is going on here and how to work around it? (I've tried doing = "something" instead but it yields the same result).

It also not an issue with the surrounding code - I've typed the example (minus the console.log call) into my Firebug console and gotten the same result.

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That's really interesting. I have no idea why it would do that. – icktoofay Mar 6 '11 at 0:23
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The next property does not print out in Firebug console, but it is indeed defined. This may be a problem with Firebug, not JS. Your code should still work.

>>> var v = {};
>>> = 'foo';
>>> v.prev = 'bar';
>>> v
Object { prev="bar"}
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It's a bug in Firefox.

The bug does prevent Firebug from printing it, but the actual Object should still have the next property correctly defined.

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Ahhhh ok. Well on one hand that is good... on the other hand it means i have more debugging of my actual code to do. At least im not goign crazy though... :-) – prodigitalson Mar 6 '11 at 0:41

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