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How do I achieve this?

In a controller

@arr = ["<one>", "<two>"]

In a view (haml)

= @arr.join("<br>")

As you guess, "<br>" shouldn't be escaped. So the result would be like the following.


How do I do that?



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You could roll your own:

arr = ["<one>", "<two>"]
''.html_safe.tap {|x|
  arr.each_with_index { |el, ix|
    x << el
    x << raw("<br/>") if ix < arr.size-1

Also look at the Array.join code in Rails

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Wow. This is much more complex than I thought. Thanks. –  Sam Kong Mar 6 '11 at 6:33

Rails has this built in.

<%= safe_join(@arr, "<br />".html_safe) %>
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might be obvious, but worth noting this only works in the view. –  drewish May 19 at 21:21

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