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I want to rename each file that ends in .log, but I have similar files like:



I want to rename every file, at a time, with that extension (.*) but without any number, i.e., I want to rename x.log to xN.log, y.log to yNlog, z.log to zN.log, in which N is the number I want to concatenate.

Is this possible in a Windows batch script using a regex or even Python?

Anything will do, as long as I can give the parameter N.

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SET ext=.log
SET num=%1
FOR %%f IN (*%ext%) DO CALL :process "%%~nf"

SET name=%~1
SET lastchar=%name:~-1,1%
IF "%lastchar%" GEQ "0" IF "%lastchar%" LEQ "9" GOTO :EOF
RENAME "%name%%ext%" "%name%%num%%ext%"
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Thank you. That was exactly what I expected. –  neverMind Mar 6 '11 at 15:11

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