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I am using the genesis wordpress theme from studiopress and also applied the "magazine" child theme. The question that I have relates to the issue that pagerank does not seem to show up at all for any of the internal pages of the site but does get applied to the index page.

Could there by a problem in the theme that somehow stops pagerank from spreading anywhere past the index page....or possibly a setting that can be changed. I have noticed this same question asked on other sites but nobody was able to ever pinpoint a cause or solution. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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If you're referring to 'toolbar PageRank' (i.e., the values returned from third party tools on websites, or from browser plugins), you'll run into two issues:

1: That value is updated increasinly rarely - the last update was in January, and the one previous to that was well over a year ago. Data on existing URLs is outdated, and there's no data on URLs that didn't exist when the data was updated for obvious reasons.

2: The data is unreliable/inaccurate anyhow, and isn't relly reflective of 'true' PageRank.

I'd suggest that an alternative approach would be to look at Page Authority via www.opensiteexplorer.org, a tool by SEOmoz. That's updated every 4 weeks or so, and should provide you with a better understanding of where SEO value is being distributed.

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