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Have you been to techcrunch and used the new facebook commenting setup? Basically that is what I am looking to do on blogger. I am running into a problem where I have the comment system working but instead of having a unique commenting feed for each post; you get one single global feed that combines all the comments from all the posts into one giant feed. I think I confused myself.

Post A

post B

I don't know much about xml which is how blogger does things apparently. I am more of a copy and paste hack with no real skills what so ever. I am a new user so I can't post the code it seems so if you source the page and then search for fb-root you should see what I have done. It is showing one giant feed across my blogger site. I want a new one for each blog post.

any help would be great.

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I got it...

In the FB code you have a href='YOUR-URL'. Replace this with expr:href='data:post.url'. And it will work!

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thanks.. that worked:) – Gebadia Smith Mar 8 '11 at 4:39

I have successfully placed it on my site, but if you are migrating then put "migrated=1", else it will show old facebook comment system

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