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I have an image where I want to find a specific location (coordinate) based on its color. For example enter image description here I want to find coordinates of edges of this Black box.

How can i detect Black color in this image in Java?

Note: My target is to develop a program to detect eyes in a face

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as far as I know Fourier transform is used in image processing. With that you get your picture in frequency domain that represents a signal (in case of image signal is two dimensional). You can use Fast Fourier Transform algorimth (FFT in java, Fun with Java, Understanding FFT). There's a lot of papers about eye detection issue you can read and take inspiration from:

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I would suggest using threshold filter and then convert image to 1-bit format. This should do the trick.

However locating eyes in image is much more harder. You might be interested in open source OpenCV library. Here is port dedicated for Java - javacv. And C++ example of face detection using OpenCV.

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