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I have HTML in a database which I want to show with facebox (jquery popup). I use the PHP code below to render the button that launches the facebox

$html.="<img onclick='$.facebox(\"".$db_data[html]."\");' src='img.png' />";

How can I escape things properly so that facebox will get also ' and " in $db_data[html]? (for example if the html includes styles?)

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Use json_encode to convert the string properly to a JavaScript compatible string and htmlspecialchars to encode it for the use in an HTML attribute value:

"<img onclick='" . htmlspecialchars("$.facebox(".json_encode($db_data['html']).");", ENT_QUOTES) . "' src='img.png' />"

Note the use of the quote style ENT_QUOTES to also encode ' that are used to quote the attribute value. This wouldn’t be necessary if you would use " for the HTML attribute value instead:

'<img onclick="' . htmlspecialchars("$.facebox(".json_encode($db_data['html']).");") . '" src="img.png" />'
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Thanks a lot ! just what I was looking for –  Nir Mar 6 '11 at 11:12

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