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I'm building a Rails app that includes live group chat. I've heard Juggernaut is the best option for this. Does it work on Heroku?

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juggernaut is INVINCIBLE! (sorry just had to say that XD) –  corroded Mar 15 '11 at 9:01

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They did have experimental node.js support but it seems to be in closed beta for the timebeing. Expect a release soon.


I have minimal sysadmin skills but managed to set up an Ubuntu 10.04 environment with relative ease. http://purebreeze.com/2011/03/adding-realtime-push-updates-to-agileista-using-juggernaut/

The 'easiest' option is probably to use Pusher but probably not as fun or cost effective.


Heroku now fully support node.js

Here's a gist from the juggernaut author showing how he set up juggernaut on Heroku:


I will also update my blog post shortly to reflect getting up and running.

It's much easier now!

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Hmm...I'm wondering if this is outdated now that Heroku officially supports Node.JS. I'm wondering how Juggernaut works since Heroku does not currently support websockets. Does it fall back to long polling? –  Andrew Nov 15 '11 at 3:01

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