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I want to save the thumbnails from the iphone photo library, and i want to use them in my application, but not by selecting them, i want it to work automatically. so i run the app, and the thumbnails will appear in the middle of the screen in a scrollable tableview. (5 thumbs in each "page"). Like this:

what is the best way to do it? Oh , and of course if a user touch a thumnail the large image will appear in a different view.

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  1. Create an ALAssetsLibrary instance.
  2. Send a enumerateGroupsWithTypes:usingBlock:failureBlock: message to your assets library object.
  3. In the block, you are passed an ALAssetsGroup instance over which you again iterate with enumerateAssetsUsingBlock:.
  4. In that block, you get an ALAsset that you can then ask for its thumbnail (a CGImageRef) or its representation (an instance of ALAssetRepresentation), which in turn you can get an image to display from.
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Thank you very very much, you helped a lot. Now i got it. – pricsko Mar 7 '11 at 9:59
By the way, if anyone needs help about it, here is a nice tutorial video about ALAssetsLibrary: – pricsko Mar 7 '11 at 10:00

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