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A recent software update on FullTilt Poker caused a friends player notes XML file to become corrupt.

FullTilt creates two XML files for player notes; a master file containing all your player notes, and a time-stamped one that just keeps a record of any notes made during the current login session.

Both files became corrupted.

The time-stamped file was just missing an opening <NOTES> tag so I fixed that but the master.xml is a different story.

Here's what we see in FireFox:

enter image description here

Chrome gives us this:

enter image description here

  1. The file will not open in any web-browser.
  2. I am unable to open it in Gedit on Ubuntu or Google Docs
  3. It does open in Notepad++ on Windows XP

After opening the file in Notepad++, you would think that someone had changed the font to WingDings, we just see a huge mess of random chars, hearts, arrows etc

We followed some advice that someone posted on the fulltilt forum a few years ago where they recommend copy+pasting the contents of the file into a web form (to fix the carriage returns) and then back to notepad but I had no luck doing this. In fact only the first 50 or so chars seem to get pasted from the clip board. I suspect one of them is 'broken'

So does anyone have any advice on how to fix this, I know it can be done, just got to find the right way.

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seems like an encoding problem...it also could be encrypted, maybe you should have a look at a working "master.xml" and compare it. –  sled Mar 6 '11 at 12:34
thanks, I managed to do a comparison last night with a working one that I subbed into the program and there are no coherent comparable patterns between the two - the borked file has chars all over the place and the line structure has gone haywire –  marflar Mar 6 '11 at 12:39

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