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I am very, very new with MVC (just started yesterday) so this question is probably stupid, but I need to know how to check automatically if user is logged in on my functions that are in admin/user models.

I can put the checking in construct, this would help, but I have several models and maybe there is some even better way. I hope you will understand better what I want after you see my folder structure and code. Oh, and by the way - I use Code Igniter 2.0



Let's see my item.php file...


class Item extends CI_Controller

    function Index()

        //Checking if admin is logged in on every function is bad

         * Is it possible to somehow make all admin functions go through
         * some kind of Admin class that will check automatically?
        $isLogged = $this->session->userdata('is_logged_in');

        if ($isLogged == true)

    function Add()

    function Edit()

    function Delete()

I hope that this is easy question, thanks in advance :)

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I would implement the login-function in CI_Controller. Then I would set an protected variable in Item protected $loginRequired = true;.

In function __construct() or Item() I would call parent::isLoginRequired($this->loginRequired) which checks if a login is required.

I would also redirect to a specific login page with a parameter which redirects the user back to the page he needs to be logged in.

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Make a new class, for example, My_Controller extends Ci_Controller and write some auth checker code in it... in controller file just extend My_Controller

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what i usually do is -like Teeed recommends- Create my own controller Class which is between the CI_Controller and each controller you might create.

In that class (MY_Controller) you can instantiate a model which handles all user related data and logics (loading session data, executing specific checks, etc..) and finally set as class variables those results, so you will end up having:

$this->isLogged ; $this->isPaying ; $this->isPlatinumMember ; etc..

in any of your classes extending from MY_Controller

that makes very easy to check any condition within any of your Controllers.

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