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I know Microsoft Prism has an EventAggregator. And I also found one on CodeProject.

Is there any better alternatives?



Just found a very similar question (posted in Feb 2010): Event Aggregator Implementation Sample / Best Practices

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Here's a nice implementation as well as a good and related write up about event aggregation in general.

As a litmus test of 'goodness' this was the inspiration for the one used in the Caliburn framework.


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For WPF/Silverlight. I've used and like the Messenger Class from the MVVM Light toolkit. I think it could be used within windows forms too.

You use it like this(from above link):

// Somewhere
Messenger.Default.Register<string>(this, DoSomething);
// Further
private void DoSomething(string message)
    // ...
// Somewhere else
Messenger.Default.Send(“Hello world”)

See this for more info on MVVM Light: http://www.galasoft.ch/mvvm/getstarted/

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I don't know if it's better, but I have implemented and maintain MemBus, which I prefer describing more of a "In-Memory Publish/Subscribe Bus", but really it is rather easy to use it as Event Aggregator.

Publishing, Subscribing is quite pluggable, IoC support is easy to add, etc., etc. It requires .NET 4 and brings a lot of fun if you use the Rx Framework as MemBus can create IObservable implementations. You will find some documentation here

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