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I’m trying to add some functionality to an existing J2EE system. The current system spans 2 web apps and looks like this:


The user enters data in a form (Form1Jsp), the data is sent to a servlet (Form1Servlet) where a web service client is invoked to forward the data to a web service in the second web app. The data is processed by the web service, and a value is returned through the chain to Form1Servlet.

It is now required that when data is delivered to the web service, the user should be presented with a second form which is also to be hosted by WebApp2. It is also required that the web service should defer returning data to its client until after the user has completed entering data in the second form.

As the second form has to be visible over the web, my first thought was to use another servlet and JSP like this:

Form1Jsp<==>Form1Servlet<==>W.S.Client<===>WebService<==>Form2Servlet<==> Form2Jsp

When I implemented this, I couldn’t get Form2Jsp to display anything on the screen.

J2EE is new territory for me, so I’m not even sure if trying to call a servlet from a web service is the best way to deliver a web form to the user. Or if it’s even possible.


  1. Is it possible to access a web form through a web service?

  2. If it is possible, what would you consider to be the best strategy and technology to use?

  3. If a servlet or JSP is to be used, how can I get either of them to display data on the screen?

Thanks for reading this.

I would be really grateful for any (polite) comments or advice.

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Is the servlet server and the web-service server on the same server or better are both running inside the same runtime e.g tomcat? –  Robert Mar 6 '11 at 18:29
Yup! And thanks for your interest. –  Chris Hand Mar 6 '11 at 18:34
Let me amend my previous comment - they're both on the same server and runtime at the moment, but they will eventually be deployed to different servers. Thanks Robert! –  Chris Hand Mar 6 '11 at 20:20
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