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I'm adding an rspec hook that will allow me to switch on vcr and use the name of the current example as the cassette name.

it "should have collaborators", :vcr => :once do
  # web interactions

config.around(:each, :vcr => :once) do |example|
  VCR.use_cassette(example.name, :record => :once) do

trouble is I don't know how to get the name of the current example (example.name doesn't work).

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RSpec defines a metadata method that returns a hash with some useful information about the example. You might try:


which should return the group(s) and example name, concatenated into one string.

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Yes this is a much better way of doing it. As it turns out my solution works better for me (I like having the directory structure for descriptions) but this is the best answer for the original question. –  opsb Mar 8 '11 at 7:22

This seems a bit fiddly but it does the job

  config.before(:each, :vcr => :once) do
    group_descriptions = self.example.example_group.ancestors.map(&:description)
    spec_name = [*group_descriptions.reverse, self.example.description].join("/")
    VCR.insert_cassette(spec_name, :record => :once)

  config.after(:each, :vcr => :once) do
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