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How would I set the default text in a select (drop-down) box/menu.



Where would i put the text that I wanted to be displayed in the select box/menu?

P.s. I would like the default text to be 'Select a language'

Thank you for any help.

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I could be wrong but i think the OP was meant to ask how to show some texts that doesn't belong to the options, like this one: link. Both Oded's and Myles's answers are for the situation that you want to show one of the options as the text. And by the way I don't think make it the first option like in Myles's solution is a good design. But this is just my personal opinion. –  Yang Chi Aug 24 '12 at 19:22

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If none of the options in the select have a selected attribute, the first option will be the one selected.

In order to select a default option that is not the first, add a selected attribute to that option:

<option selected="selected">Select a language</option>

You can read the HTML 4.01 spec regarding defaults in select element.

I suggest reading a good HTML book if you need to learn HTML basics like this - I recommend Head First HTML.

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Building on Oded's answer, you could also set the default option but not make it a selectable option if it's just dummy text. For example you could do:

<option selected="selected" disabled="disabled">Select a language</option>

This would show "Select a language" before the user clicks the select box but the user wouldn't be able to select it because of the disabled attribute.

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Just make option#1 Select Language:

Live Demo

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