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I'm making an iPhone and Android app (although my question will apply to most mobile platforms) that can add effects to videos. To use it, the user picks a video clip from their phone and then performs editing operations in my app like changing the brightness, clipping the video, adding fades etc. I have undo and redo support but only for the last 5 or so actions.

When my app gets interrupted by e.g. a phone call, my app autosaves the currently edited video to disk (otherwise the app might get killed during the phone call and all progress will be lost). I also autosave the video every 5 minutes in case my app crashes. It is not feasible for me to save the undo/redo history to disk for performance, space and development time reasons.

At the moment, when you go back into my app, it loads the latest state of the autosave file. My problem is the following scenario:

  • the user is working on a video
  • the user applies a couple of effects that they decide they do not like
  • as the user reaches for the undo button, they get a phone call
  • when the user returns to the video, their changes are now permanent because undo/redo is not available.

Obviously, this scenario isn't ideal but it's the best I can think of for my app. Given that I cannot save the undo/redo history, can anyone think of any user interface tweaks I can make to improve on this? Do you know of any apps that deal with this problem well?

I could ask the user at start up if they want to load the autosave file or their last manual save but this is a detail I'd rather the user didn't have to think about. At the moment, I'm sticking to the above behaviour and I'll attempt to make it clear to the user that their work will be automatically saved for them often and that if they're about to make any drastic changes they should save a copy of their work.

None of the options I have are perfect but I'm just looking for a practical solution. I've noticed many apps don't even bother autosaving so anything is better than nothing to be honest.

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I'm by no means familiar with video editing apps, but why not saving the consecutive actions from the beginning to the end and autosave them. So when it gets paused, reload the saved actions and apply them to the original source. This way you also would have undo support after a resume, right? – icyerasor Mar 6 '11 at 21:04
"So when it gets paused, reload the saved actions and apply them to the original source" Two reasons why I don't want to do this: 1. The editing actions are very CPU intensive. The user would have to wait too long to playback several actions. 2. Saving actions to disk makes changing how the actions work later more difficult which makes future development harder (I accept this means giving up certain functionality, but ease of development is important too). – rbcc Mar 6 '11 at 21:08

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