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I have just installed the latest unofficial version of Cusp to go along with this tutorial on Cusp. I do exactly as it says, verbatim, and when I save my main.lisp file, I see an error on the (in-package :new-lisp1) line which says

Package NEW-LISP1 not loaded
Right click on corresponding .asd file and select
Load Package

I right-click new-lisp1.asd, select "Load Package," the red error goes away, I try compiling again, and tada--it's back!

Also, another (related?) problem is that down in the REPL, I keep seeing that I am disconnected from SBCL, and I keep trying to reconnect. Basically, the window looks like these lines repeated over and over:

"You are running SBCL via Cusp 0.9.375"

What can I do to fix these problems? (If it is any help, I'm using Eclipse on Mac OS X)

EDIT: and I would also like to note that simply selecting "Load Package" on new-lisp1.asd generates two more "Disconnected" messages immediately...

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Okay, so I'm still not sure what caused the problem, but I reinstalled Eclipse fresh and then manually added the older, official release of Cusp to Eclipse. Everything is working fine.

In addition, I tried installing the newer Cusp on Eclipse on the Leopard machines at school, and it works fine. So perhaps it is a problem with Snow Leopard or the Lion beta that I am currently using.

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