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How would you run libsvm on windows, How to get after training and predicting the error rate?

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Regarding installation on Windows, I quote from the libsvm website: "For MS Windows users, there is a subdirectory in the zip file containing binary executable files."

As far as how to use SVM, take a look at their guide.

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Ok, I was reading that C:\libsvm\windows\svm-train C:\libsvm\windows\fileTrain.txt for training. C:\libsvm\windows\svm-predict C:\libsvm\windows\filetTest.txt C:\libsvm\windows\fileTrain.txt.model C:\libsvm\windows\output_file for predicting, but, Error rate?, does it give it when executes?? – cMinor Mar 7 '11 at 0:52

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