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I have this part of a query:

(@tmpo1245 := CAST( ( ( pm5.`meta_value` - pm4.`meta_value` ) / 86400 ) AS SIGNED ) ) AND
(@mutdate:=DATE_SUB( '2011-06-1', INTERVAL @tmpo1245 DAY ) ) AND

Which is causing my query to fail. I know CAST( ( ( pm5.meta_value- pm4.meta_value) / 86400 ) AS SIGNED ) is 5, I put it in a select statement to test it. I also know the following query works just fine:

(@tmpo1245 := 5 ) AND
(@mutdate:=DATE_SUB( '2011-06-1', INTERVAL @tmpo1245 DAY ) ) AND

What is going on?

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It seems the error is with the clause inside the CAST in your query. I guess the data types of pm5.meta_value and pm4.meta_value your are trying to subtract are not numeric. Hence please cast them decimals first before subtracting. Example code would be as follows.

@tmpo1245 := CAST( ( ( 
    CAST( pm5.`meta_value` AS DECIMAL) - CAST( pm4.`meta_value` AS DECIMAL)) / 86400 ) 
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