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In other words, what's the sprintf equivalent to pprint?

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The pprint module has a command named pformat, for just that purpose.

From the documentation:

Return the formatted representation of object as a string. indent, width and depth will be passed to the PrettyPrinter constructor as formatting parameters.


>>> import pprint
>>> people = [
...     {"first": "Brian", "last": "Kernighan"}, 
...     {"first": "Dennis", "last": "Richie"},
... ]
>>> pprint.pformat(people, indent=4)
"[   {   'first': 'Brian', 'last': 'Kernighan'},\n    {   'first': 'Dennis', 'last': 'Richie'}]"
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Hm, this answer wouldn't survive long if it were written today - a link-only answer with no additional explanation. How about expanding it a bit to make it the canonical answer worthy of linking duplicates to? – Tim Pietzcker Dec 7 '14 at 18:46

Assuming you really do mean pprint from the pretty-print library, then you want the pprint.pformat method.

If you just mean print, then you want str()

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>>> import pprint
>>> pprint.pformat({'key1':'val1', 'key2':[1,2]})
"{'key1': 'val1', 'key2': [1, 2]}"
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Are you looking for pprint.pformat?

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Something like this:

import pprint, StringIO

s = StringIO.StringIO()
pprint.pprint(some_object, s)
print s.getvalue() # displays the string
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